Yesterday’s Lantern Festival marks the beginning of the 2019 Spring school semester for most SDE teachers. Many are returning from home or trips abroad while some of our teachers are arriving in China for the very first time. In the upcoming weeks, let’s welcome these new additions to our team and prepare for another successful school semester!

Before the break, Seadragon’s Shenzhen office hosted the annual Christmas party which ended up becoming the largest event ever held by SDE with an attendance of over 300 teachers and staff. Check out some of the party highlights:


Thank you to our four hosts! You guys did a great job.


Some of our many lucky raffle winners


The Nutcrackers, a local band made up of SDE staff and teachers, closed out the Christmas party with an electric performance.


Thank you team for a wonderful year!

To view more photos from the event, visit our media gallery:
Not only was the focus of the Christmas party to come together and socialize as a company, but to celebrate Seadragon’s successes in 2018. We plan on having another stellar season, and to kick things off right we’d like to welcome the latest incoming class of new

Spring 2019 class of new teachers

We definitely have some ambitious goals for 2019, and none of them can be accomplished without the support of our teaching and administrative staff. Let’s take this year head on together as a team! Have a happy Lantern Festival!


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