Covid – 19 Shenzhen China Updates

Welcome to the all important updates of Covid – 19. If you are intending on coming to China and working for Seadragon Education then we recommend that you follow the updates on this page. This will include information on where the Chinese Vaccination is available; information on PU Letters; cases updates of mainland China; and embassy news.

Covid Cases Shenzhen and Beijing

SHENZHEN reported 0 new confirmed and 3 asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 June 27th 2022.

As of midnight June 27th 2022, the city had reported a total of 1391 cases.

Beijing reported 3 new confirmed and 2 asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 on June 27th 2022.

As of midnight June 27th 2022,the city has reported a total of 3678 cases.

Chinese Embassies

Embassy of China in the USA:http://www.china-embassy.org/chn/

Embassy of China in the UK :http://www.chinese-embassy.org.uk/chn/

Embassy of China in the Ireland: http://ie.chineseembassy.org/chn/

Rules on Entering China with the Correct Vaccines.

Visa applicants who have been inoculated with COVID-19 vaccines produced in China and obtained the vaccination certificates,PU letter is no longer required.

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Some information about a PU letter: What it is?

The PU letter is an invitation letter issued during the epidemic that an inviting entity needs to receive from the relevant Foreign Affairs Office (FAO) in order to allow the invitee to apply for a visa in their respective country outside of China.The PU Invitation is a general invitation in comparison to the TE invitation, which is a special invitation for trade fairs or more high-level business trips.

Important points:

The visa location on the PU is a fixed location. Thus, the invitee must determine the visa application location in advance;

The longest stay of the PU can be anything 88 – 180 days;

You can add a maximum of 5 dependents to one PU;

The PU must bear the issuing Stamp to be valid.

Why We Need It?

People unable to enter China as the Chinese consulate in the country they are currently in doesn’t allow them to apply for the visa – need to obtain a PU Invitation Letter to be able to return.

Which Countries Can We Get Them For?

Canada,Australia,New Zealand,Ireland,US (Only available for Chicago and New York,others can not)

Notice on the Testing Requirements for China-Bound Passengers Departing from Dallas after Inoculated with COVID-19 Vaccines

The Chinese Embassy in the United States is still responsible for reviewing the certificates of Nucleic Acid test and IgM antibody test for China-bound passengers departing from Dallas. Here is the latest update for passengers who test positive for IgM antibodies due to vaccination.

1. Passengers with negative Nucleic Acid test result and positive IgM antibody test result after vaccinated with an inactivated vaccine can apply for a health code as usual. Please fill in the attached Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination, sign it by hand and upload it together with the test reports and the vaccination certificate to the “Health Code” applet or the web page.

2. Passengers vaccinated with non-inactivated vaccines.

(1) Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines widely used in the United States are non-inactivated vaccines. Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require two doses, and Johnson & Johnson vaccine needs one dose. If passengers choose to be vaccinated, they must get all the required shots before their trip to China.

(2) For the moment, the IgM antibody test required for traveling to China mainly targets S protein, and vaccination with a non-inactivated vaccine may lead to a positive result in this test. In such a case, passengers departing from Dallas for China need to upload a report of the IgM antibody test against N protein, as well as the Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination and the vaccination certificate, when applying for a health code. Other required documents are their air ticket or itinerary and the results for Nucleic Acid test and IgM antibody test. The submitted documents must be authentic and include necessary information to confirm the passenger’s identity, vaccine type and status of full vaccination.

(3) See the attachment for the latest list of Nucleic Acid and Anti-Body testing laboratories accepted by the Chinese Embassy in the United States. If needed, passengers can choose a laboratory on the list that provides IgM antibody test against N protein, and the test must also be sampled at the departure place within 48 hours before boarding. In addition, please give consent to the sampling agency and testing laboratory to announce the test results and other personal information to the Embassy. The Embassy will contact the issuing agency to verify the authenticity of all the submitted reports and certificates. If any of them cannot be verified, or contain false information, or are deemed altered or forged, the health code will not be issued, and passengers will have to bear all the consequences arising therefrom.