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Dear SDE Teachers,

Candidates going through the recruitment process often find it helpful to speak with current Seadragon teachers before making the big decision to teach abroad.

SDE teachers are needed by the Buddy program to speak with these candidates (over email, WeChat, or Skype) to give them a better feel for what living and teaching in China is really like.

Read on below for the current buddy program details (as of 2019/05/10):

SDE teachers will earn up to 200 RMB per assigned candidate based on the following conditions:

  • -100 RMB for the first initial contact. This includes at least one call and a reasonable amount of text communications over one or more of the following platforms (email, WeChat, and/or Skype)
  • -100 RMB if the SDE teacher’s candidate arrives and begins teaching for SDE.

Q: Who can participate in the SDE Buddy program?

You must be a current member of SDE Teacher community to participate in and receives payments for the Buddy program.

Q: What are the qualifications to be an SDE buddy?

A well spoken teacher with a desire to assist and mentor a candidate about to begin their new China adventure.

*The SDE buddy program will be an exclusive program that we only invite some of our best and most personable teachers to participate in. There is no limit to the amount of candidates you can be assigned, so the more helpful you are to your assigned candidates, the more candidates that will be sent to you and the more money that you will make.

Q: How and when am I rewarded?

For the first payment of 100 RMB will be payed within the following month’s paycheck after the initial candidate contact. This payment will be given regardless of if the candidate ends up working for SDE or not. However, the second payment of 100 RMB will depend on if the candidate arrives in China and begins teaching for SDE. The second payment will be made into the following month’s paycheck after the candidate has been teaching for SDE for one month.

Q: What are the criteria for successful Buddy contact?

  • -1st payment: screenshot proof of call and text conversations with candidate
  • -2nd payment: candidate arrives and teaches for SDE for 1 month

*Please don’t feel like you have to dedicate an unreasonable amount of time to each candidate communication. If you feel that a candidate is trying to communicate with you an excessive amount, just let their referring SDE recruiter know and we will give the candidate more support on our end.

Q: How do I officially apply for the SDE Buddy Program?

Please send the following information to recruit@sdeteacher.com:

  • -Full name, age, and appropriate head shot picture
  • -Email address, WeChat ID, and Skype ID
  • -Hometown (city, state/region, country) and university attended
  • -District location and school type (Ex. Dapeng Public Primary)
  • -List of interests (Ex. football, table tennis, photography, potatoes, and hiking)

Q: How will I receive a candidate from the SDE recruitment team?

An SDE recruiter will contact you to introduce you to your assigned candidate based on your background and previous candidate contacts. Do a good job and we’ll send you more! Or let us know if we’re sending you too many.

Q: What if I want to educate myself more about SDE or share some more resources with the candidate?

There is a ton of quality information and media content about SDE and our teachers’ experiences on our website and YouTube channel!

-SDE Global Acquisition Talents team