Work in Suzhou

Work in Suzhou – China

We have recently added a new city to our roster of Schools. Suzhou, located on the north east cost of China, is known for its amazing water towns and has a rich heritage. The city is divided by the Beijing – Huangzhou Grand Canal. Work in Suzhou and have a wonderful time.

A Brief Introduction To Suzhou

Suzhou is home to China’s famous water towns. It’s best described as China’s hidden Venice.

Suzhou’s gardens are very famous and have been listed on the world heritage site. This is because of many of the gardens South of the Yangtze river are known for being the very best gardens in world. There are around 60 of these gardens that still thrive today and they bring tourism into Suzhou, so they must be work a visit. One of the most famous gardens is the administrators garden.

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Suzhou Administrator’s Garden

The weather in Suzhou is another attraction. As it lies in the north of China it has quite a cool climate. That being said its still sunny and warm from April until September.

These are the best times to visit the gardens as this is when the flowers will bloom. Many foreign tourists and Chinese tourists love taking selfies with the flowers. If you can’t beat them join them. As a teacher in Suzhou you will have more than enough time off to visit the gardens.

Transportation – Suzhou doesn’t have a local airport, but is so close to Shanghai you are able to get on a high speed train and arrive within an hour. If you choose to teach in Suzhou. Then flying to Shanghai is the easiest option. Shanghai is one of the largest international airports.

To work in Suzhou would be a great experience for anybody considering to Work in China. Join SDE in Suzhou. Become a ESL teacher today and join one of China’s most professional education companies. To apply please click Quick Apply