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Why SeaDragon Education?

Experienced Company

Founded in 1999, Seadragon Education has over 19 years experience in the international education field and over 7 years experience recruiting, training and managing foreign teachers. Given our extensive experience, our team is capable of delivering professional service and guide you through the entire process of teaching in China.

Support System

A critical factor that sets our company apart is our support system. From the second you talk with someone from SDE, throughout your time working for us, we have a team to support you. Need visa assistance? We have a team for that. Think your teaching skills need a little brushing up? We have a team for that.   Need to get a new apartment or help with some translations? We have got a team to help you with that, too, and more!

Many Choices

What age group do you like to teach? Do you want to take part in the Chinese school system or perhaps to help students with their after-school studies? Would you rather have your weekend on Tuesday and Wednesday or Saturday and Sunday?  We have so many different types of Chinese  schools to choose from; it is easy to find just the right fit for you.

Strong Community

Living abroad can be isolating. If you teach in China with SDE will be joining a team of over 500 fellow expats from 7 different countries to expand their personal and professional network. Each week we have teacher trainings and Chinese lessons for teacher to get together. We also organize company events and smaller events such as pub quizzes, bar crawls, hikes and much more.

Corona Virus Update

For statistics about the Corona – Virus in Shenzhen please click the title above. 

An update on schools: We are working closely with Futian and Bao’an Education Bureau. Our first priority is to keep all of our current teachers safe. If you are in China then please follow the guidelines. If you are elsewhere then follow the guidelines of the country you are in. 

We hope second semester will begin as soon as possible. Currently after communication with the Education Bureau we are looking at starting either in the middle of March or towards the end. At present we don’t have a fixed date.

If you are currently a teacher with us then your specialist should have reached out to you. Every teacher is in a unique position. Some teachers will have began teaching online and started working, but some may have not. We are aware of everyone’s concerns in regards to salary. Again we ask you to communicate with your specialist about this. It maybe the case that the second semester extends into the summer and teachers can make up hours. Or that we work some weekends to make up for lost time. The Education Bureau will determine the outcome of this, not Seadragon Education or the Schools.

We hope to see you all very soon. Most importantly keep safe. Firstly, your family and friends need you and secondly, as educators, your students need you.

Teach Abroad Jobs – Locations


We have many teaching locations situated throughout out China. So for your Teach Abroad Jobs why
not join us on your foreign adventure.
In the north of China we have English Jobs in Beijing, and on the East Coast of China we provide ESL Teachers in Suzhou.
Not forgetting the south of China we provide teachers to the local education bureau in Shenzhen.
We have many teaching abroad jobs that need to be filled.
We are one of the largest teaching agencies in China. Teaching abroad can be stressful let Seadragon Education help you.

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Why Choose Use For Your Teaching English Job

We have an array of Teaching English jobs for you to choose from. So in short we can help your find the best TEFL Job in China.

We work closely to make sure you obtain a zvisa in your home country.

We work closely to make sure you are placed in a Chinese School that suits you.

Before you choose the best Teaching English Job please look through our TEFL Job site and see what we have to offer.

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