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, Teach in China with SDE, SDE Seadragon Education

Seadragon Education better known as SDE have been offering Teach Abroad programs in China since 2013. We have recruited and helped thousands of candidates work in local Chinese Schools. These include Kindergartens, Primary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools and Training Centers.

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Teaching Jobs in China

Teaching in China. SDE’s number 1 program will connect you with a full range of Job Opportunities in the Education Sector. We have many schools on our books in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Beijing. From Public Schools and Private Schools to Elementary Schools and Kindergartens.

, Teach in China with SDE, SDE Seadragon Education
, Teach in China with SDE, SDE Seadragon Education

SDE also offer their 120 Hour Online TEFL Course, that will be fully refunded to you when you arrive in China. Start dates are in September and February the schools consist of two semesters and provide teachers with many holidays.

Every candidate needs to have a 120 Hour TEFL Course Certificate to teach in China. This course is best for everyone to get their foot on the TEFL ladder and get TEFL Jobs in China. Whether that be teaching face to face or online, you can learn basic teaching skills on a 120 Hour TEFL Course.

TEFL Zone 120 Hours Course Ideal For Recent Graduates and Experienced TEFL teachers, we really have a position for everyone.

Before You Leave

, Teach in China with SDE, SDE Seadragon Education

Taking up a Teaching Job in China is one of the biggest decisions you will make. We know there is a lot involved when making your application for a Z-Visa and PU Letter. We have a specialized team that will help you every step. From interviews to acquiring your Z-Visa and PU Letter we will do everything we can to help you with your new job in China.

We Assist You With Everything

  1. Assistance with documents and interviews

  2. Including PU letter and Z-Visa Assistance.

  3. Placement at reliable institutions, with detailed school profiles

  4. Step-by-step guidance through the complex visa process

  5. Pre-departure guides with important cultural tips and advice from former teachers

Currently, more than 100,000 ESL Teacher (English as a Second Language) are needed across China. Due to the HUGE market demand, the country is in desperate need of thousands of college graduates from English speaking countries. With just a passport and a bachelor’s degree, you have the opportunity to experience a completely new culture, vacation for months out of the year, and get paid well to do it. No previous teaching or Chinese experience is required.

Founded 20 years ago, SDE Seadragon Education is sponsored by the Chinese government to find, train, hire, and support world travelers looking to teach English abroad. We directly employ hundreds of teachers each year in cities across China to teach in public schools, kindergartens, and training centers while engaging socially with our amazing community of educators from all over the world. Visa sponsorship, flight reimbursement, professional development, housing assistance, and cultural immersion courses are just a few of the benefits working for SDE brings to the table.

Take a minute to browse our website or YouTube channel for more information and hear from a few of our many ESL teacher. Feel free to leave your contact info in the box to the right. A member of our global recruitment team will reach out to help you take the first step of your China adventure.

Being an TEFL Teacher

Joining Seadragon Education

We seek to hire passionate people to bridge the gap between China and the rest of the world.

ESL SDE Hiring Process - Join Today

SDE Hiring Process

From the first day you visit our website, to your first day of work. We’ve got you covered.

Our ESL/TEFL Teachers Stories

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Hear from some of our teachers about their experience living and working in China.


Frequetly Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about working, and living in China. Follow us today!

Teach Abroad - Stories From Our ESL Teachers

Explore our teacher testimonials to see what it’s like to teach in China.

, Teach in China with SDE, SDE Seadragon Education
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JaytonESL Teacher, Seadragon Education, https://sdeteacher.com/testimonial/jayton/
, Teach in China with SDE, SDE Seadragon Education
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Valeria VillarealESL Teacher, Seadragon Education, https://sdeteacher.com/testimonial/valeria-villarreal/
, Teach in China with SDE, SDE Seadragon Education
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Nicolas Neilio Seadragon Education, https://sdeteacher.com/testimonial/nicholas-neilio/

Experienced ESL Company

Founded in 1999, Seadragon Education has over 19 years experience in the international education field and over 7 years experience recruiting, training and managing foreign teachers. Given our extensive experience, our team is capable of delivering professional service and guide you through the entire process of teaching in China.

Teachers Support System

A critical factor that sets our company apart is our support system. From the second you talk with someone from SDE, throughout your time working for us, we have a team to support you. Need visa assistance? We have a team for that. Think your teaching skills need a little brushing up? We have a team for that.   Need to get a new apartment or help with some translations? We have got a team to help you with that, too, and more!

Many Teaching Options

What age group do you like to teach? Do you want to take part in the Chinese school system or perhaps to help students with their after-school studies? Would you rather have your weekend on Tuesday and Wednesday or Saturday and Sunday?  We have so many different types of Chinese  schools to choose from; it is easy to find just the right fit for you.

Strong ESL Teaching Community

Living abroad can be isolating. If you teach in China with SDE will be joining a team of over 500 fellow expats from 7 different countries to expand their personal and professional network. Each week we have teacher trainings and Chinese lessons for teacher to get together. We also organize company events and smaller events such as pub quizzes, bar crawls, hikes and much more.

Explore our blog to learn more about working and living in China

Why Choose Us For Your Teaching English Job

We have an array of Teaching English jobs for you to choose from. So in short we can help your find the best TEFL Job in China. We work closely to make sure you obtain a zvisa in your home country. We work closely to make sure you are placed in a Chinese School that suits you. Before you choose the best Teaching English Job please look through our TEFL Job site and see what we have to offer.

Become an SDE Teacher

There are plenty of opportunities with SDE and no matter what you decide to do, one thing is for certain, your new, once in a lifetime experience, begins right here!
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