SDE Hiring Process

From the first day you visit our website, to your first day of work
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Coming to China is not easy. On this page, we’ve broken down our entire hiring process; from when you first land on our home page to start working at your school. SDE will be there to guide you through the entire process to ensure the smoothest transition possible and to make sure you are prepared for your year abroad. If you have any troubles during your recruitment process, feel free to email us at recruit@sdeteacher.com

Step 1


Create an account

You will register an account as a candidate. The other account type is for SDE recruiters from our direct team to create and post recent SDE opportunities.

Upload CV


Browse openings

When you have created an account, you can browse our new opportunities via our job board. Don’t forget to take advantage of our filtering options!


When you find a job or jobs your are interested in, you can either apply to multiple positions via our job basket feature or do a single application from the job description page. When we have received your application and think that you are a fit, an SDE recruiter will reach out to you with 2-3 days, sometimes sooner, to schedule a time to speak.


Step 2 (1-2 weeks)


Call with SDE Recruiter

When a time has been confirmed, the screen call will be done on either WeChat or Skype. In this call, the SDE interviewer will ask you a few questions and give you more details about our positions.

Offer & Sample Contract

During the call with an SDE recruiter, they will have most likely gone over the package offer. If we think you are a good fit for the team, we will send you the offer and an electronic contract by email attachment in the following week. This contract (letter of intention) will be the same one that you will be signing in our office.

Accept/Decline Offer

In this step, you will accept the offer by printing out the digital contract, signing it then sending the scanned copy via email to your SDE recruiter. If you feel that the job is not right for you after much discussion, you can respectfully decline our offer and let us know through email. This is all part of the hiring process.

School Placement

After you have accepted the offer, you will interview with our school on WeChat or Skype (if out of China) or go to our school directly (if convenient). Before you interview, make sure you read our school interview tips! You will know the results rather quickly. If you didn’t pass the interview, don’t worry! We can set you up with another one of our schools. We have a broad range of positions open.

Step 3 (1-2 months)

Preparing for China

Begin Visa Preparations

After you have accepted our offer and sent the signed contract, your recruiter will send our official visa guide and support documents to get started. We will guide you through the visa process from start to finish, from getting your background check to your Z visa application.

Submit Visa Documents

Once you have completed the document legalization process, you will then email the digital scans to your recruiter. Our visa team will then apply for your notification of work permit. This will approximately take 10-15 working days. Once it is ready, you will use the notification of work permit, along with other documents that we send you, to apply for the Z work visa.

Since the notification of work permit takes 10-15 business days to process, this is a perfect time for you to watch our online orientation. It covers aspects from life, teaching and laws in China.

Book Flight

Once you are able to apply for the Z visa, you will coordinate with one of our specialists from management team to find the perfect flight.

Step 4 (4-7 days)


Airport pickup and hotel

If you happen to land in Hong Kong, someone from the SDE team will be there for pick you up at the border of Shenzhen. If you happen to land in Shenzhen, Beijing or Shanghai, we will pick you up directly at the airport and take you to the hotel we have set up for you.


The onboarding period will approximately last from 5-7 days. During this time, our management team will help you set up a bank card, phone card, as well as help you find an apartment. You will also be doing another health check and a police registration.

Face-to-Face Orientation

The face-to-face orientation will be from 2-3 days focusing heavily on teaching in Chinese schools and general teacher training. We will also go over topics such as visa and laws in China.

Start Work

Once you have settled in and gone through the basics of orientation, you will visit your school and begin work! From here on, you will have the support of SDE and a network of over 400 SDE teachers to connect with. Congratulations, you made it through the hiring process!