Our Locations

SDE China HQ

Shenzhen Office

78 Jingtian road, Fu'er Building, 6F, Futian District, Shenzhen, China, 518040


Under the name SDE Seadragon Education, or 深圳海龙教育服务有限公司 in Chinese, our China headquarters office is located in the bustling megacity of Shenzhen. Sharing a border with Hong Kong, Shenzhen sits on the South Eastern coast of the Chinese mainland.


Maryland Office

932 Hungerford Drive, Suite 32B, Rockville, Maryland, US, 20852

Under the name Highland International Education (SDE’s U.S. subsidiary), our stateside headquarters office is located in the vibrant city of Rockville, Maryland. Rockville, closely adjacent to Washington D.C. is SDE’s main driver of U.S. ventures and campus recruitment initiatives.