1. What to Wear
    1. Please make sure you are well presented, regardless of whether you will be there in person, online or in front of a camera. This means business casual, at least.
  2. What to Talk About

    1. Who You Are
      One of the first things our schools will want to know is who you are, here’s a list to help you prepare:

      1. Name
      2. Age
      3. Where you are from
      4. Summary of teaching and/or education
      5. Why you want to teach in China/this city or this age group (or even better, in this particular school (if applicable)
    2. Relevant Experience:
      Consider what you experiences you have that makes you really stand out. Do you have similar working experience; have you done something incredible before that can apply in the classroom? Have you worked with kids of the same age before? Make a list.Points to consider:

      1. Where have you taught before?
      2. What ages did you teach?
      3. What aspects of English did you focus on? (Oral, Reading, Writing, Listening)
      4. How do you manage your classroom and students?
      5. What did you enjoy about this experience?
      6. What did you learn that you think can help you to teach successfully in another position?
    3. Your Interests:
      What interests do you have that might excite a school? Beyond just wanting to teach EFL, do you have other things to offer? Music? Drama? Art? Sports? Tell us about it!

  3. Recording
    1. Environment:
      What’s behind you? Is it distracting? Does it give a bad impression? Is it noisy where you are? Are there other people or sounds that might interrupt your call? Eliminate all these factors before you start.
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