Join several SDE teachers as they show us around their school and talk about what life is life in the high-tech Nanshan district of Shenzhen!

Training School Program with with SDE 

SDE has teams dedicated to every aspect of ESL Training Center Program in China.  We employ foreign managers and teaching mentors to optimize our processes, mediate cultural issues, and create a smooth and happy work life to ensure quality teaching and job satisfaction. Each teacher is assigned a dedicated recruiter, visa handler and case handler. These team members are responsible for teachers’ recruitment, visa handling, and work and life in China respectively.

Working and living in China, whilst massively rewarding, can also be a bit of challenge, with many cultural, regulatory and organizational differences that can surprise or frustrate many foreigners. Stemming from our extensive experience in handling these challenges, we believe it is essential to provide foreign teachers with professional dedicated support to ensure they are comfortable and happy and able to do their best work.

Role Introduction

➣At Seadragon Education, Teachers focus on the delivery of well-planned oral English lessons.
➣Teachers are expected to conduct 20-25 teaching hours per week 5 days a week, with two consecutive rest days
➣Teachers are expected to use a variety of delivery methods to engage students, and provide a supportive environment in which they can progress with their English ability.
➣The minimum requirement for a Teaching Role at SDE is a Bachelors Degree, 120 hour TEFL Certification OR 2 years of prior teaching experience, and a Passport from a Native English Speaking Country.

Key Benefits

Salary Range (Base+Position+Housing): CNY 15,000-18,500 Monthly, before tax
Base Salary Range: CNY 11,000-14,500 Monthly, before tax
Position Allowance: CNY 1,000 Monthly, before tax
Accommodation: CNY 3,000 Monthly Housing Allowance – start up loan of CNY 5000 to assist with rental costs
Flights: CNY 5000 Flight Reimbursement (within the first month of arrival) or upfront for new graduates
Insurance: Social and Accident Insurance
Holidays: Fully Paid Public Holidays + up to 30 extra vacation days
Other: Online TEFL reimbursement, Contract renewal bonuses, 4 nights free hotel accommodation, airport pickup, bank, phone card, and apartment rental assistance, Z work visa application assistance, SDE sponsored social events and culture classes, free weekly Mandarin lessons, Opportunities for additional part time work

Qualification and Eligibility

Education: Hold a Bachelor’s degree,120 hour TEFL Certification and a Passport from a native English speaking country (UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa)
Experience: Applications are welcome from candidates with all levels of experience. Coaching, mentoring or tutoring experience would be beneficial, as would direct teaching experience. Higher paid roles are available to those with formal classroom teaching experience, as well as qualified teachers.
Other: Clean criminal record background check.

Training and Orientation

➣SDE offer a supportive working environment, with the guidance and support of experienced teaching mentors
➣On arrival, teachers receive orientation training and are supported to find an apartment. Regular social events are organized to socialize and network with other teachers, as well as, teacher training and mentoring sessions.


SDE employs hundreds of Foreign Teachers from the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa to work in our training center program. Large welcome events are hosted for August and February arrivals, and ongoing events and trips are held throughout the year. SDE boasts one of the strongest and largest expat communities and a great option for those concerned about isolation.

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