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Through our TEFL Partnership Program

Our TEFL programs are purpose built for you

TEFL is our passion – it’s what makes us happy! We truly believe that English language education can transform lives for the better. We’ve seen students flourish, be inspired, and have positive life experiences – all through learning English.

Our collaborators come from a broad range of backgrounds, are very down to earth and won’t patronise you. They will have to cover some theory work but promise to make it interesting and motivating. Teaching is at the heart of everything they do and they are committed to providing the highest quality of training so that their graduates leave with a wealth of lesson ideas, strategies, and grammatical understanding. Our partners pride themselves on inspiring their graduates to teach English lessons that are engaging, challenging, and fun.

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We created our TEFL partnership program as a resource for anybody who loves helping others learn and is interested in teaching English. Our TEFL partners’ programs are designed from the whiteboard up! They want you to be ready for your first class before you even arrive! They’re excited to learn about you and support you in your journey to China with SDE.

Seadragon Education has partnered with multiple accredited TEFL companies to provide its teachers who may need further certification with a fully online, 120 hour course. FOR FREE! The program will be provided (at a discounted rate) for our teachers and will be fully reimbursed once they have arrived in China. For further information please ask a member of our recruitment team or send an email to: recruit@sdeteacher.com