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Updated 11th December 2020

Keeping in mind our goal to connect the Chinese education system with the world, SDE continually strives to provide the best experience and opportunities for both our teachers and schools. To do this, Teacher Refers Teacher (TRT) program allows you to be rewarded  for recommending your friends and family to join SDE’s ever-growing community of international talents.

Candidates Must Sign For One Year (2 Semester Contract).

-8,000 RMB for subject teachers

-6,000 RMB for oral English teachers

Q: Who can participate in TRT?

You must be a current member of SDE Teacher community to participate in the TRT program.

If you are not a current SDE teacher, feel free to reach out to our email listed at the end of this article about potential cooperation.

Q: What are the qualifications to be an SDE teacher candidate?

The basic requirements for English teaching positions are as follows: 

-Passport holder from a native English speaking country
-Bachelor’s degree or above
-Clear criminal background check
-TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certification preferred
-Teaching experience preferred

**To teach a subject other than English, the applicant is not required to be from a native English speaking country, but two years or more related subject teaching experience is required

Q: How and when am I rewarded?

For each successful candidate that meets the criteria (see below), you will be rewarded with a referral bonus (before tax) to be directly paid with your monthly salary. The current bonus values are 6,000 RMB (for English teachers), 8,000 RMB (Subject teachers), or more depending on current demand and/or special promotions. These amounts are based on a standard 1-year contract. If the referred teachers signs for a different length of time, then the bonus amount will be adjusted accordingly. 50% of the initial bonus will be paid at the end of the first month and the remaining 50% will be paid three months after the corresponding referral has begun teaching at their post.

Q: What are the criteria for successful TRT referral?

A TRT referral is considered successful if the following requirements are met:

-Signed employment contract with SDE
-Accepted by and currently working at one of SDE’s schools

Q: How do I know what positions are available when talking to a candidate about SDE?

Our Job Board!

Q: Who should I contact?

Please send the referred candidate’s contact information or CV to SDE’s Global Talents Acquisition team at the following email address: recruit@sdeteacher.com

-SDE Global Acquisition Talents team

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