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Are you a busy teacher looking for a quick lesson plan to put together? Are you a new teacher looking for first semester materials. Perhaps you are a seasoned teacher looking for new inspiration. It’s our pleasure to share with you 10 Best ESL Websites.

We will show you ten powerful online the 10 Best ESL Websites that’ll help you shake up your teaching and get your students psyched to learn and practice English.

By using these resources, you can bring the real world to your classroom with videos, have a group storytelling session, read the news and play awesome ESL games.

Let’s start!


TeamTeacher provides resources for teaching and living in China. They have over 10 years combined experience teaching English as a foreign language to a broad array of students in the UK, Canada, Spain, South Korea and China.

TeamTeacher’s main aim is to help new teachers by providing free resources, tools, and materials to effectively teach English in China so that their students and they get the most out of the classes. To make it even better, their content is focused for those teaching in Shenzhen’s public school system.

Busy Teacher

Busy Teacher is a lifesaver. For when it comes to preparing for almost any ESL topic, busy teacher has everything under the sun.

They over 16,000 printable worksheets and lesson plans, and everything you see on the site are written by teachers for teachers. They also have a bunch of useful blog posts for new teachers to read or experienced teachers to brush up on their skills.

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Here, you’ll find lengthy message boards with lesson plans, PowerPoints, and dialogues about language and teaching. The site has a lively forum, however, focused on working in Korea; public school textbooks are heavily referenced. Still, there are good teaching resources for our teachers in China.

Registration is required to gain access to links and files. The amount of detail and work put into the PowerPoint games is both mesmerizing and absurd.

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Starfall is a platform filled with games and videos for young learners starting to learn to read. it’s charm is in it’s simplicity. Younger students loved the animations, games and sounds!

Supersimple Songs

Both teachers and students alike love these songs for their catch tunes and bouncy videos. The lyrics seem basic, but they’re always a huge hit with younger learners.

Play a video in class and your students will be mesmerized, gold for classes that tend to get unruly.
Supersimple songs cover a range of topics that you will eventually teach in kindergarten and primary school lessons.

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Pinkfong is a preschool brand dedicated to delivering high-quality original content that is both educational and fun. They have animated songs and stories that will capture and hold your students attention all the way through. Pinkfong materials was especially great for holiday lessons!

ESL Printables

A website where English Language teachers exchange resources: worksheets, lesson plans,  activities, etc. Before you are able to access any materials, you must contribute some of your own materials. Once your contribution is made, then enjoy the plethora of materials ESL created by other ESL teachers.


This site is divided into handy sections of BW ESL, (the homepage), Crosswords, Word Searches, Flash Cards, Verbs, Songs, Creative Writing, Worksheets, Phonics, ABCs, ESL Science, Survival English, Business English, ESL for Adults, ESL Articles, Lesson Plans, and Holiday Worksheets.
There are many suggested worksheets and activities on the home page, but the site is perhaps easier to use by looking at specific sections, relevant to what you are looking for, rather than skimming through a random collection of ideas.

ESL Galaxy

ESL Galaxy is a comprehensive, one-stop, completely free ESL resource site. Go crazy and download printable flashcards, worksheets, board games, lesson plan packs, and PowerPoint slides for the more high-tech classroom.
There’s also many resources if you’re teaching ESL to adults, including materials on survival English and Business English.


This website has a lot of high quality -you guess right- PowerPoints, lesson plans, worksheets, and other lesson materials to add to your arsenal. One particular feature that stands out is the amount of videos from movies and TV shows that are selectively picked and adapted for ESL lessons.

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Honourable Mentions

Not exactly ESL material…but still useful to if you want to access videos and music if you are without a VPN!
Want to show a video from YouTube, but don’t have VPN access in the classroom? No problem! Just copy and paste the URL and clipconverter will download the video for you.
Music: QQ music, NetEase music, Xiami music
Videos: Youku, Bilibili, Iqiyi, Tencent video
Have any other ESL resources that you like to use? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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