, 10 things to do before coming to China, SDE Seadragon Education

To help prepare you during your last few weeks before coming to China, we’ve created a general, short to-do list in case you missed anything!

Plan finances

Relocating across the world will come with some expenses. In this article, we help break it down for you. 

Visa and copy documents

As obvious as this may seem, we will still include it in this list!After receiving a job offer from SDE, you will receive instructions from your recruiter.
Follow our guide and remember to bring all the documents involved in the visa process with you to China, including originals and copies.
We also recommend to bring copies of any documents related to proving your identity and related to banking.

Vaccinations and prescriptions

If you’re in the middle of the visa process, you will have to get a health checkup by the doctor in your home country.While you’re there, you should ask the nurse or doctor which vaccinations need to be done and prescriptions need filling before leaving to China.

Unlock phone

If you don’t unlock your phone before leaving, you’ll get a nasty surprise when your newly installed Chinese SIM card isn’t compatible.Unless you want to buy a new phone in China, be sure to unlock your phone before leaving.

Download WeChat and VPN

, 10 things to do before coming to China, SDE Seadragon Education
WeChat is the main communication tool that will be using in China. Similar to WhatsApp but with a lot more utility.

VPNS will allow you to access websites otherwise blocked. Remember to download one before arriving.

Set travel notice with bank

When you first arrive in China, you’ll need to withdraw money to pay for a few things including apartment deposit.If you don’t put a travel notice on your card and try to take out cash, your account will be frozen until you let your know bank that it is you.

Take off SMS password protection

If you have overseas online accounts, you may have them protected with SMS.Just in case you lose your SIM card after you get a Chinese one, you may want to take SMS protection off when your login attempt inevitably asks for the code sent to your phone number.

Download the SDE packing list

Download the packing list here!

Watch the SDE online orientation

Before arrival, teachers are expected to watch our online orientation. 

Spend time with family and friends

Even though it may be hectic and stressful planning a move, it’s important to relax and enjoy the last few weeks or even days with your family and friends. Before you know it, you’ll be on the plane to China!
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