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Teaching Kindergarten – Eager to please and easy to make happy

It has been my experience that when teaching Kindergarten students,  between the ages of three and six, they are really eager to please their teachers.

This is especially true if they feel like their teacher knows how to motivate their students and engage with them in the lesson. Young kids are very impressionable, if you feel a certain way, they will too. If you are excited about something, they are excited too!

Make sure to give high fives, stars, and stickers! They will be overcome with happiness and enjoy learning in your class. Students at this age are easy to motivate.

Everything is new and exciting

Most of what you teach them are new to them. It’s enjoyable to teach children about things they’ve never been shown before. It’s also entertaining to come up with fun and interactive lessons.
Since kindergarteners need to learn so much, you can come up with activities that will engage them and make learning really fun.

You are making a difference

Know that you will make a huge difference in the lives of young learners. You will give them experiences that will have a lasting impact on their lives.
When they are grown, they won’t remember you, but they may remember the activities or how they felt at the time. It is truly amazing to know that how much of an impact a kindergarten teacher can make on a child’s development.

Teaching Kindergarten students is  funny, and they think you’re funny

Kindergarteners say funny things. Sometimes they do it on purpose, but most of the time they don’t. Since they speak very, very limited English, it will mostly be what they do that is really funny.

These kinds of moments make the job worthwhile. You just never know what these kids will do or say.

Kindergarteners also don’t judge when you make a fool of yourself. You can get up and dance, sing, make faces and all sorts of crazy things and they love it. Middle schoolers and above will think it’s crazy and stupid, but kindergarten students will enjoy every moment of it.

It can be enjoyable to act like a five-year-old sometimes! Don’t feel embarrassed, own it! Your students will learn thanks to the energy you put into the lesson.

You get to see them progress through the year

During your time as a Kindergarten Teacher you will do a lot of repeating and practice with your students, but your students will learn very quickly!
You will see enormous progress in your students over the course of a year and be able to say confidently, you helped them get there.

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