On Friday, November 23rd, Seadragon lauched it’s first ever Video Content Contest! The first installment will focus on short video tours of our teachers’ apartments. We will use these videos to show future teaching candidates to give them a feel for what life in China is really like.

         Each video submission must meet the following criteria:

-Be 1-2 minutes in length

-Have a short introduction from an SDE teacher

-Feature a short tour of a current SDE teacher’s living community and/or apartment

-Contain professional and appropriate material

Here are the following Cash prizes Seadragon will be offering (pre-tax):

1st Place: 1500 RMB

2nd Place: 1000 RMB

3rd Place: 500 RMB

Don’t be afraid to get creative! Even if you think your video won’t make the top three spots, SDE will still pay you if we decide to keep it.

The contest begins on  November 23rd, and will last 2 weeks until midnight on Friday, December 7th. Video submissions can be made by uploading the video to youtube.com (VPN needed) and sending the link to our email at: recruit@sdeteacher.com

        Please use this email to ask us any questions you may have regarding the contest.

Follow our official Wechat account for more information on future events and programs at SDETeacher

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