, Living in Shenzhen  SDE Competiton, SDE Seadragon Education

The first ever SDE Seadragon Education Video Content Contest has been a huge success! We asked our teachers to submit a short video (so that you can see what is like living in Shenzhen) giving a tour of their apartment and living community, and we can’t believe the amount of awesome submissions we received. Read on below to check out the winning submissions from Shenzhen, China! Furthermore, if you would like to apply to teach in Shenzhen then please hit quick apply now: 

1st Place (1,500 RMB): Adam in Futian District

2nd Place (1,000 RMB): Harlee and Chrystal in Dapeng District

3rd Place (500 RMB): Matthew in Bao’an District

Also 3rd Place (500 RMB): Lenny in Yantian District

Honorable Mention (250 RMB): Peter in Dapeng District

Honorable Mention (250 RMB): Alli in Dapeng District

Thanks again to everyone who made a submission! All of the winning videos have been uploaded to our Youtube channel (SDE Seadragon Education) and various social media accounts. We hope that our contest can give new English Teachers an idea about what it’s like living in Shenzhen. Check back in regularly for future updates on events and special SDE activities.

, Living in Shenzhen  SDE Competiton, SDE Seadragon Education

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