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My Experiences Working Here In China

Working in China is an experience that people never forget. Please continue to read to find out more about some experiences of being here in China.

I would like to start by saying I have had so many wonderful experiences here in China that I cannot list them all, but I will tell you about the most wonderful experiences I have had working in China.

Most of my experiences have happened on the Metro. trains. As I spend a lot of time traveling to and from school locations, I can interact with other folks traveling as well.

My first great interaction came one evening while traveling home on line 7. As I sat on the seat an elderly woman and a young girl (2-3 years old) came and sat down beside me. The train started to move and within a few seconds of that I felt something on my left shoulder. I looked down to see the young girl laying on my shoulder.

The grandmother quickly picked her up, but she immediately put her head back on my shoulder and fell asleep. It was wonderful to see this. No photos as I didn’t want to offend the grandmother. I smiled all day at school and felt an everlasting joy that still brings a smile to my face today.

My second great experience came a few weeks later, on the same metro train (7) as I traveled home. I sat on the bench and a mother of two children boarded the train. They sat down beside me. The little girl was maybe 2-4 years old. She said something to her mom in Chinese and she gave her approval. The mom handed the little girl her phone and she started to show me pictures of animals (dogs, cats etc.) and I watched in amazement at how intelligent she was. When she finished her picture show, she handed her mom the phone and I applauded her.

I took out my iPad and showed her my pictures of the students at Tang Tou and Bao’an Primary school. The kids at Bao’an, were dressed in celebration of sports day with traditional clothing. She watched in amazement and commented on all the pictures I showed her. When I was finished, she and her mom and brother applauded my show.

She leaned over and said something in Chinese to her mom and she gave her approval. She reached into a plastic bag and handed me a package of cracker. I was overcome with gratitude. Then she said something else to her mother in Chinese and again she gave her approval. She reached back into the bag and pulled out a slice of pizza and handed it to me.  I was overtaken with joy. Their stop came to soon. And I have not seen either family again.

Don’t be afraid to say hello to the kids. They just might surprise you. Thank you for your time today.

Kenneth E. David II

This article was written by Kenneth E. David II. Kenneth is currently an SDE teacher and he is a great asset to our team. Thanks for giving us your experience of work in China

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