, Being A Teacher in Chinese Schools, SDE Seadragon Education

Being a teacher in Chinese schools is a great career option. As a language teacher in Asia you will have a fantastic experience. Especially if it’s your first visit to the continent. China is a special place. For those that have already been here. It holds a special place in their hearts that will never go away.

Teaching in China traces back to Confucius. He is widely regarded as China’s first ever teacher. He travelled the lands to meet and teach others about life, he was a thinker, a philosopher and educator and a founder of the Ru School of China.

, Being A Teacher in Chinese Schools, SDE Seadragon Education
Grade 7 SDE Teacher

Being a teacher in Chinese schools comes from tradition and its not just a normal job. Its fun, exciting and ‘wonderful’ as the Chinese students might put it.

Here are some examples of why it’s fun being a teacher in Chinese Schools.

1. Being A Teacher in Chinese Schools

In some cases you might be the only foreign teacher in your school. This is fantastic news for you as you will be hailed as a God. All the students will respect you and the teachers will be super nice. You will get asked to join in school celebrations, to host events and you’ll probably be asked a million times over for a photo. Just relax and take it all in your stride. 2. Gifts Galore

2. Gifts Galore

Teachers Day, Mid – Autumn Festival, Spring Festival these are just some of the holidays that you will probably receive a gift from your fellow teachers or students. Some of the things that you might receive include eye massage machines, wooden bookmarks and so forth. The schools are very nice to foreign teachers.

3. Free Food At The School Canteen

You might be broke, but don’t worry the school will be there to rescue you. At most schools you will receive free breakfast and lunch in the school canteen. Most school canteens are buffet style so you can take what you want. Wise words of advise: Don’t eat too much. They often have a lot of meat and veg that you can dig into. At breakfast they have cake! Cake! I know, very surprising. But it’s very lovely.

4. Getting Things Done In School

This part might be a bit negative but don’t worry too much. Many Chinese and foreign teachers are on a tight schedule so might not have time to help you with your small problem. Nevermind, students are keen to help you, so get their help. Especially if it’s something simple like finding out where the photocopy room is. Most Chinese teachers need to grade homework everyday whilst preparing classes for the following day – so it’s best not to bother them too much.

5. School Sports Day

A massive occasion for the whole of the school. There will be celebrations galore, in most cases there will be a big sports day parade to mark the opening of the ceremony. Classes usually decide a unique theme for their own class and will go out and march around the track together. Some classes might be cheer leaders and sports superstars and others might dedicate themselves to representing a whole country.

, Being A Teacher in Chinese Schools, SDE Seadragon Education

School Sports day is usually held over two days in public schools. Some schools will require you to attend and some won’t. But don’t despair, its a great opportunity for you to integrate with your students and get to know them a little more.

6. School Field Trips

To be a teacher in Chinese schools is a great opportunity for you to explore new places that you might not of ever heard of. Take for example DaPeng Ancient City which is located on the outskirts of Shenzhen.

Recently one of SDE teachers was sent with his school to DaPeng and he described it as the most tranquil place he had been to since being in China. This place is not located in Shenzhen and without his school taking him to DaPeng then he would never of even thought of visiting himself. Whats more, it was a great opportunity for him to bond with his Chinese School co-workers.

As well as visiting some really cool places like DaPeng, you might visit a theme park such as Happy Valley. Or visit windows of the world at OCT (miniature version of the worlds best countries).

7. Chinese School Salary

Being a teacher in Chinese schools may just have its perks. As well as having a lot of fun with your students, day trips to DaPeng, and gifts galore – you will receive a salary that’s way above the local Chinese teachers salary. Most top tier cities like Shenzhen will now pay teachers up to 18000 rmb – all you need to do is a quick google search of cost of living in China, and you will find out that you can save a massive portion of your salary.

8. Gratitude From Teachers Students and Parents

Finally, gratitude which can be shown in a variety of different ways, from a cute smile from your students to a packet of 200 cigarettes from the head of middle school. Chinese students are so thankful that you foreign teachers have come to teach in China. And you will see it every day in the joy and laughter that you share with your students. It really is a blessing to teach English in China.

Good luck with your journey. If you wish to contact us about jobs in Shenzhen, then just hit quick reply and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Remember, being a teacher in Chinese schools isn’t a chore, it’s a delightful learning curve and you will come away being a better person.

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