Teaching communication trip of the Luohu Education Bureau and SeaDragon foreign teachers to Yangqiao Middle School of Huizhou

On the afternoon of December 11, Mr Feng Xiaoling, English teaching researcher from the Educational Science Institute of Luohu, 3 SDE foreign teachers Todd, Kris and Angelica, and other SDE staff arrived at Yangqiao Middle School to conduct teaching communication.

SDE Teachers and Mr Feng Xialing









Located in Yangqiao Town, Boluo County, Yangqiao Middle School, originally known as the Middle School of Guangdong Yangcun Overseas Chinese Citrus Plantation, was founded in 1969, and celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. It is a six-year secondary school.

At 3:25 p.m., Mr Feng gave a lecture titled Teaching of Senior High English with the new curriculum reform to all senior high English teachers of Yangqiao Middle School. The teachers listened and took notes carefully. The teachers benefitted greatly from the 45-minute lecture and were filled with admiration for Mr Feng’s knowledge and professionism.

In the meantime, 3 foreign teachers came to the junior section to give the students a genuine foreign teacher’s demonstration class respectively in 3 classes of Grades 7 & 8.

Todd, who specifically took a portable speaker with him, won many laughs with his humour and wisdom.

Todd Demonstrating His Teaching

Kris skillfully involve all students in oral English practices by employing pair/group work.

Kris Perfectly Demonstrating an ESL Lesson

Angelica, a beautiful teacher, gave a class with the topic About beauty. With her patient guidance, students gradually changed from shy to active, and finally they raised their hands to strive to be the first to answer the questions.

Angelica Creating a Perfect Atmosphere

The lovely kids were sooooo excited when having a class by given a real “Lao Wai”. How happy they were!

The teaching communication was warmly welcomed by Headmaster Sun and the school academic team. At the review meeting, Headmaster Sun said movingly, “Mr Feng and foreign teachers’ lecture is very effective and operative. It has been 15 years since foreign teachers came here to give demonstration classes. This time 3 very excellent foreign teachers came and gave our students an unforgettable class. I believe they will not forget this class even after 15 years.”


After the communication, the school invited Mr Feng, SDE foreign teachers and staff to a local citrus orchard to pick mandarins. The foreign teachers picked up different kinds of mandarins excitedly in the orchard, breathed the fresh air and enjoyed the wonderful rural life. Through this trip, SDE foreign teachers not only earned the reputation from local school, but also gained quite a different experience in China.

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