, Top 5 Games For Teaching English Online, SDE Seadragon Education

Teaching English Online is a fantastic way to engage students. But don’t let them get bored. You need to keep them energized for the class. Whether it be a one hour class or 30 minute class. Keep the energy up. To do that you should introduce some games into your epic class.

, Top 5 Games For Teaching English Online, SDE Seadragon Education
  1. Simon Says –

This classic game can be used to warm up your Online esl class. This game relies on the student to concentrate and listen to you – their Online teaching expert!

 – First state some actions such as jump, run, sit down, stand up. Get them to do the actions.

 – Next explain to them you will play a quick and simple game. Explain the game slowly and clearly.

 – Explain that they must do the action only after you say Simon Says. Such as ‘Simon Says Jump’

 – Explain if you don’t say Simon Says and they still do the action. Then they will lose.

 – Also let them do the orders – this will enable them to practice English and watch you jumping around.

, Top 5 Games For Teaching English Online, SDE Seadragon Education
Simon Says …. Wear A Hat

Simon says is a very easy; it’s suitable for Teaching English Online and its suitable for beginners.

Top Tip – Always smile when teaching. The student will react from this. And it will look like your energy levels are high.

2. Find Something Beginning With (Any Letter).

After ten minutes of your class you may want to play another games. This game – Find Something – is another fun game that will keep the energy of the students up.

 – This is so simple there isn’t much to explain.

 – Tell the students that you will say Find Something Beginning with…. (insert letter of the Alphabet.)

 – Give them 20 seconds. Explain during those 20 seconds that they must find an object beginning with the letter you said.

– So for example, find something beginning with T. You do a countdown. 20, 19, 18…. 

– Your student then brings back something beginning with T – a toothbrush – or tea.

– Ask them to talk about the object they have found.

– You can join in the game too. Just don’t show them anything naughty!

– You can also ask them to be the teacher and ask you and other students to find objects.

Find Something Beginning With is a very simple game. Suitable for all ages. It’s very fun as some of the objects they bring are outrageous.

Top Tip – When teaching Online don’t be messy. Wear a nice shirt or top. Make sure your hair looks good. You are still doing a job

3. A Simple Drawing Game

If you have access to an Online whiteboard then use this to your advantage. The students love to draw. They may even draw a funny picture of you.

 Guess The Drawing

  – Students will have one minute to draw a picture. You or the other students (if there is more than one) will need to try and guess the picture very easy.

 Add To The Drawing

  – State a scene to the students and then ask them to start to draw the scene. Such as beach. They might draw a sun. You may draw the sea. And then you continue until the drawing is complete. No winners. Just a fun activity for you and your student.

Very simple games like this keep the students entertained and keeps their minds stimulated.

, Top 5 Games For Teaching English Online, SDE Seadragon Education

Top Tip – Always make sure your materials are ready before the start of the class. You don’t want to keep the student waiting and who knows – their parents maybe sitting right next to them.

4. What Happens Next Videos –

If you can get on Youtube – there are many ESL What happens next videos. You can download these for teaching online English (you can also use them in the classroom). It’s very simple you play the video and they have to guess what will happen next in the video. Try and find a video that shows you possible answers (with ABCDs). Then they can read the possible answers and choose what they think will happen next.

, Top 5 Games For Teaching English Online, SDE Seadragon Education
What Happens Next?

Top Tip – Youtube has a plethora of useful esl videos that you can use. From Pepper Pig to Mr Bean. Also check out Steve and Maggie’s Wow English TV.

5. Spinner Time – Word Games

Some software available has a spinning wheel. You can use this to your advantage.

For example you can play a simple question game. Tell the student that he/she is the odd number and the teacher is the even number. If it the spinning wheel stops on an odd number. The teacher must ask the student a question. If it lands on an even number then the student must ask the teacher a question.

You can do many games with a spinning wheel. Another example – the teacher assigns a each number (usually 1 to 6) with an action. When the spinner stops the student must do the action associated with that number.

The spinning wheel is an awesome tool. Perhaps you could make one for the classroom.

, Top 5 Games For Teaching English Online, SDE Seadragon Education
Example of a Spinning Wheel

Top Tip – Be creative with your games. The more creative the game is. The more creative the student will be.

These are just a selection of some of the games you can play teaching English online. There are many variations that you can do. Keep practising new games with your students – some games will work and some won’t. The more you try – the better your online class will be – good luck with your E-Learning experience. Any suggestions? Comment below and share with others.

Author: Nemia Fe Contado

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