, ESL Online in China, SDE Seadragon Education

With the coronavirus outbreak raging all over the world and schools in China being closed, SDE foreign teachers Danny and James actively responded to the call of “stop classes but never quit school” and recorded a series of delightful and creative micro classes for the students to learn ESL online in China.

, ESL Online in China, SDE Seadragon Education

Teacher Danny taught her students “Faded” the popular song by Alan Walker, classmates experienced a beautiful melody, broadening their understanding of the song. This aided in expanding the student’s vocabulary, while critical thinking stimulates the classmates enthusiasm for learning.

This is also a great way to stimulate a teachers creative side. By choosing a song of the teachers own choice – this makes the teacher more excited. Therefore producing an excellent class for their online students.

Teacher James took English etiquette as the theme to stimulate students’ interest by asking questions. He is good at raising different levels of questions leading his students to explore deeper levels of intellectual thought.

, ESL Online in China, SDE Seadragon Education

By using cultural points such as etiquette. Students were able to have a better understanding of English life. Again stimulating their thinking and thought processes. If you are struggling to make a video then about your daily life and do something around that. Your students will love it.

Students can “meet” with foreign teachers in these special classes, learning the ins and outs of English language and culture. In these classes everyone is particular excited and many students wrote down some thoughts about these classes.

Grade 2(1) class Yan mohan

Teacher Danny’s class made me relaxed under the stress of the outbreak . In this lesson, the teacher kindly shared with us a popular English song, the instruments used to create it and the feelings it brings. The teacher’s humorous and easy-going tone made me feel that this was a conversation between teachers and students “only separated by a screen” and I learned a lot of new words. Teacher James talked about the British culture, leading us to understand different countries in a unique way. For my dear teachers, I give you two thumbs up!

There are students who can record the classes, there are notes, comments, emails to the foreign teachers, etc. Go ahead, take a look!

, ESL Online in China, SDE Seadragon Education

We believe that driven by the creative micro-lessons of our foreign teachers, students will keep up their enthusiasm for English learning, and after the outbreak of Coronavirus , they will be more fully engaged in daily learning. Let us keep going and fighting! And teaching ESL Online in China.

By Tina

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