Melissa Coetzee has been living in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China for 3 Years. Here she shares her opinion on living and working in Shenzhen. She currently working for Seadragon Education in a primary school.

My top 5 reasons why Shenzhen is the best place for working and living’. – Melissa Coetzee

Shenzhen’s unique vibrancy is one that you could only see with your own eyes. So, let the city speak for itself—here are the reasons why I fell in love with living Shenzhen and I am sure you will too.

  1. The Local music and entertainment:

In Coco Park, in Shekou,, bars and lounges are booming every night with lively melodies played by local musicians and performers around the globe. There are open mics almost every day of the week. Also, there are a few Stand-up comedy events few times a week at popular bars and pubs. So, if you have a joke or two up your sleeve, I would recommend you to go share your hidden talents at one of those places.

2. The Parks

Shenzhen’s 15 parks will guarantee you fun and fresh air. If, you don’t want to spend any money to enjoy a perfectly romantic day out. Ride a bike along the broad walkway in the Mangrove Park or buy an ice cream and have a stroll along the walkway; gaze down the lake from the top of the archaic stone bridge in Lychee Park, or have a picnic in the afternoon on the lawn of Lianhua Park.

3. The Beaches

You can find everything you’d expect from a coastal city. That includes beaches. Bathe in the sun and take a dip at Dameisha and Xichong beaches, the two popular public beaches; or if you prefer a luxurious, quiet private beach experience, Sheraton Dameisha Resort Shenzhen has got you covered. Or if you want to drive about an hour from City center to Dapeng or Yangmeikeng you could find beautiful views (you need to walk a bit but it’s worth it.) and beaches also.

, Living in Shenzhen Top 5 Reasons To Move Here in 2021, SDE Seadragon Education

4. Sea World, Shekou, Nanshan

Sea World in Shekou is landmarked by a majestic ship with a hotel and a bar inside. The whole area around it is peppered with bars and restaurants that serve the most authentic global cuisines. On some night’s pedestrians taking walks after a delightful dinner will be surprised by a spectacular musical fountain show.

, Living in Shenzhen Top 5 Reasons To Move Here in 2021, SDE Seadragon Education
Shekou, Nanshan

5. Convenient Transportation

With so many metro lines and busses you could literally get anywhere you want and they also have English so no need to worry about getting lost and if you don’t want to use the metro or bus you could use Didi which is a taxi app like Uber in English.

In my opinion is Shenzhen one of the most foreign friendly cities and it makes working and living here so convenient from getting to work or even going to the beach or even ordering food online. I never need to struggle with it. I love this City and I am sure you will also fall in love with it. Shenzhen has lots more to offer these are just five of my many reasons why I prefer Shenzhen.

Hope to see you soon in Shenzhen.   

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